Plastic Waste to Oil

The tasks in plastics recycling are as diverse as the type of different raw materials. With Biofabrik WASTX Plastic, Rena Quality Group offers for the first time a container-based, decentralized plant for processing plastic waste or production residues that cannot be directly recycled into oils and waxes that can be used for materials or energy.



The advantages of the process over  conventional disposal are reduced logistics costs and high local added value. The compact and highly automated WASTX Plastic plant robustly and cost-effectively converts plastic waste (polyolefin fraction) into usable raw material or fuel.

The introduced substrate is pyrolyzed, then the oil vapors are condensed and solid residues (coke) are discharged. The pyrolysis gases can optionally be used for largely self-generating the plant’s power consumption or are incinerated without causing any damage. The product condensate can be used, for example, as a raw material in the chemical industry.

The plants are consistently installed in containers and are planned both for the extension of already existing recycling plant or as stand alones. The system is designed for polyolefin waste as the dominant material stream.


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