RenaPure SW

RenaPure SW unit utilizes state of the art design, ceramic membranes and cross-flow filtration for achiving outstanding results in slop water treatment. Separates out free oil and solids/sludge. Designed to handle the various aspects of waste water from drilling operations, plug and abandoned operations containing mud, solids, oil and microemulsions. Our units produce effluent with less then 5 ppm of oil in water ensuring waste reduction averaging 95%. Can be built to any specification – tailormade.


Ceramic membranes system, the most competitive way of treating produced water and liquid from drilling and well operations

  • 13-16 feet container / skid – depending on capacity required
  • Automatic processing
  • No filters or treatment chemicals are required
  • Internal pre-treatment: Separates free oil and sludge from waste water


Feed capacities:

  • Liquid waste/slop – up to 20m3/hr
  • Produced water – up to 303/hr (unit can be tailor made up to higher capacities)
  • pH – 0 – 14
  • Discharge Guranteed < 5ppm oil in water

Electric / Automatic systems

  • Multi voltage and Hz: From 400 up to 690 VAC – 50 or 60HZ

Design specification

  • Will be delivered to the following requirements: ATEX Zone 1, DNV 2.7.1, ASME, NORSOK standards, Directives EMC, Machinery & PED.