Drill Pipe Wiper

Remote operated Drill Pipe Wipers for PowerSlips. Wiper will keep operators away from red zone on the drill floor and reduce mud spills on drill floor.



Remote operated Drill Pipe Wipers for PowerSlips

• The wiper can be used to clean all pipe types and sizes on equipment like BHA`s, collars, drill pipe, casing and tubing.

• The wiper can be assembled and operated together with PS21, PS30 and FMS (flush mounted spider).

• The Wiper eliminates all physical human intervention in all wiper operations.

• Wiper has three nozzles for HP washing: Stabilizers, roller reamers and Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA).

• HP water, air or base oil flushing.

• Low maintenance

• The wiper is designed so none of it`s items can fall into the well.

• The wiper will reduce the spillage on drill floor significantly. All pipe handling that can be remotely operated, shall be remotely operated, as long as this increases safety. “OLF-81”

• Color – coded wiper blades for standard drill pipe sizes

• 20 Inches opening in DP wiper body

• Easy replacement of wiperblades from outside slots with special tool

• Wiper is in line with recommended guidelines for remote pipe handlingoperations in olf-81