Vision, Values and Mission

Our vision:
``Clean future is our business``


We are a total supplier of environmental services and customized solutions. Through our services and solutions, we provide our customers with innovative technology with low risk and operating cost.

Waste water treatment
Drilling waste management

Rena Quality Group builds its corporate culture on the basis of the following values:


Courage involves that we are challenging already established truths and takes decisions even though the terrain is complex.

Customer oriented

We will always put our focus on our customer, both internally and externally, and will go to great lengths to please them. Through close and good relations with our customers we receive feedback which forms the foundation for improvements.


We create values in a sustainable way. We want to be open and contribute positively to social development. We listen to those who has opinions and insight of what kind of expectation customer and the community as a whole has to us. Through acting responsible we build security and trust to our customers, suppliers and employees.


We are always striving to be a head of the curve through development and use of new technology. By being curious and in search of new and better possibilities to solve the task at hand we are continuously changing.